Friday, May 10, 2013

Rare Oldies Karaoke CDG Discs for Sale

These are all oldies from the late 90's and back. These disks are barely used. They are all brand name with no scratches or damage. I paid $20 to $30 apiece for most of these these disks brand new. They are priced as marked or I will work out a deal for the entire 230+ disks and cases. Many of them have been removed from their jewel cases and categorized into a holder, but I have all the jewel cases. Unfortunately, they are packed away somewhere from my last move, and it may take me awhile to find the box they are in.

The ones listed here are in their original cases. I will be adding and subtracting them as they are sold on a daily basis.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING WHAT SONGS ARE ON THESE DISKS. I have a full-time job, and don't have time to search out all of these songs. You can find most of them by searching for the name and number, i.e. Country Hits List 9802-C.  For specialty disks, you may have to search for the name of the disk. I'm trying to get pictures or lists of all of them online, but again -- don't have much time.

DON'T BE FOOLED by eBay sellers who claim to have sealed, new copies of these disks cheaper. They are usually counterfeit and not of the same quality as these original disks.

NO SHIPPING. Local, cash sales only. NO LARGE BILLS (nothing larger than $20)

Performance Tracks $5 each
PT2004 Songs of the Doors
PT2006 Songs of the Rolling Stones
PT2010 Songs of Frank Sinatra - Vol. 1
PT2012 Songs of Frank Sinatra - Vol. 2

Pop Hits Monthly $10 each
January 1998 (9801-P)

June 1998 (9806-P)

July 1998 (9807-P)

Pop Hits Today $10 each
August 1998 9808-P
September 1998 9809-P
October 1998 9810-P

November 1998 9811-P
December 1998 9812-P
January 1999 9901-P
February 1999 9902-P

The Country Hits List $10 each
9802-C Feb. 1998
9804-C April 1998
9805-C May 1998
9807-C July 1998
9808-C August 1998

Country Hits Today $10 each

SOUND CHOICE All these specialty SC disks are $15 non-negotiable. 
SC 8162 - Hits of Garth Brooks Vol.1 

SC 8265 - Yesterday's Country Vol. 12

SC 2058 - Female Country Hits Vol 3

SC 2005 - Eight Straight Hits

Pop Hits Monthly - Nashville Edition - $10 each
0101C (January 2001)

Chartbuster $10 each
C118 - Hot Country Hits Collection